Warriors of Life helps people who have lost a child or loved one navigate the painful journey of grief. The book outlines a lot of the challenges that I encountered along my journey, how I handled stress and depression. What helped me annihilate the stress, eliminate depression and face my grief head on to move forward through it. In the process discovering my true self, my purpose and the feeling of happiness which we should all be enjoying.
The battle of grief should never be fought alone. Warriors of Life will provide you with the battle plan you need to conquer your grief.
  • Learn how to overcome daily struggles in life.
  •  Find out your path in life that will reveal your true self. 
  •  Get acquainted with the new person you have become since the tragedy. 
  •  Open your heart and enrich your soul when you think you have nothing left. 
  •  Identify with others who are facing the same trauma you are experiencing in life, finding comfort that you are not alone. 
  •  Find out how making your lost loved one proud of you is the most important factor in your newly discovered self. 
  •  Learn the process that I used to answer the biggest question: Why? 
  •  Identify the people that will help you on your journey of grief. 
  •  Learn how to face the crippling questions about the loss of your child that nobody wants to answer. 
  •  Block the external forces and information in the world that will hinder your healing. 
  •  Discover how your health plays in an essential role in your journey of grief. Discover how to find happiness and enjoy life in your own time, despite the devastating loss of a loved one. 
  •  Uncover how to turn life’s worst-case scenarios into meaningful learning towards future life fulfillment
This book will benefit our son's foundation. 
The Richie Pryor Foundation, which provides assistive technologies to children with disabilities.
Learn How...

When you are faced with the loss of a child or loved one, your mind becomes your biggest enemy. I will show you how to face your adversary: Conquer it with the use of changing your state of mind and blocking the life forces that are determined to banish you to a prison of darkness.
Changing your mental state is simply choosing a couple of beautiful memories you have with your loved one. Close your eyes and remember that moment, the smells, the sounds, the laughter and as much detail as possible. Transport yourself into this state when your mind wants to drag you into the dark abyss. Change your state by reliving the good memories that you have of them, and be grateful you have them to summon at a snap of a finger.

Losing a child is the most traumatic event that can occur in a parent’s life. It takes you to the worst place imaginable. Your present life is shattered, and your future is uncertain. I used several techniques that helped me turn this tragedy into one that unveiled my true-self which was stronger, courageous and an even more compassionate than I could ever have imagined being.

Another example of the power of this book is that during your traumatic journey of grief, you are abandoned by most of the people you thought would be there for you. One of the powerful solutions I used in my journey was to take an inventory of who was helping me with my grief and who was not. Then over time, I slowly separated myself from the people that were not contributing to the healing of my heart and soul. Surrounding yourself with the people who care is an essential component to finding your true self who wants to live a life filled with passion and love.